Full or Partial Dentures

Dentures In Lafayette, La

When someone is missing teeth, it can affect not only their appearance but it can affect their self esteem. Dentures (full or partial) are removable false teeth used by patients who have lost all or multiple teeth from trauma or decay. For patients who are missing teeth, this procedure can be life changing almost immediately.

Our practice is dedicated to the care, comfort, and ease for our patients. Here at our Lafayette dental clinic, we are equipped with our own dental lab so that we can provide you with a fast repair service should you need.

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Dentures for an older man in Lafayette, La
Dentures Before - After done by Dr. Toups in Lafayette, La

At Toups Family Dentistry, we use Portrait® IPN, Bioblend® IPN, Bioform® IPN, and Classic® the latest in state-of-the-art, natural-looking teeth.

Today’s dentures are not like those of the past. They are more comfortable, reliable, easier to clean and look more natural. Our goal is to help you with your smile and self confidence, not embarrass you. 

Full Dentures

For patients who are missing multiple or damaged teeth. We replace all the teeth in the full dental arch. We may recommend replacing in one or both arches depending on your needs and oral health. Dr. Toups may also recommend adhesive for improved stability.

Partial Dentures

Used if you have multiple missing teeth but you also have healthy, natural teeth remaining. They can be used as an inexpensive fix to implants or bridges when it comes to restoring your missing teeth. They usually include a thin framework or clasps that attaches to your natural teeth.  

Gain Your Confidence Back

Chew and speak with confidence once again thanks to Toups Family Dentistry. While no one enjoys losing their natural teeth, you can still eat and talk regularly. They replace your missing teeth, restoring the natural appearance, bite and function of your lost teeth.

Dentures are fitted to go over or around your gums. Often times implants can be used to further stabilize dentures. Dr. Toups uses the latest in traditional implants when dental implants are required.
When teeth have to be removed and dentures put in their place, Dr. Toups prefers to extract the teeth and place the dentures right away. This is called immediate denture placement and allows the patient to avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth for any amount of time.
This procedure allows the tissue to heal, so you can get accustomed to wearing the denture while healing. Thanks to our years of experience, we can duplicate or correct the natural appearance of your teeth.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions after reading these, give our office a call.

Cleaning dentures are easier than patients might think. We recommend that you rinse your mouth and dentures after every meal to prevent food from getting under the them. 

Before you sleep, you can remove your dentures and gently brush them with a special soap. We do not recommend toothpaste as it can be too abrasive. Please don’t allow your them to dry out by soaking them in water or a special solution. 

Dentures can last a very long time. Through diligent care and maintenance, patients can enjoy full dentures for five to ten years, partial dentures for five to 15 years, and implant-supported dentures for a lifetime.

Patients should regularly visit Dr. Toups so we can monitor and observe any damage that may have happened and of course, your dental checkups.  

Anyone can get dentures, but statistics show that most people start using them at the age of 40. This is because they begin experiencing major tooth loss once they cross they turn 40. In addition, at this age, your facial muscles are not very elastic and sag when you do not have teeth. Dentures correct facial sagging giving you a younger look and restoring dental function.

There is a learning curve when wearing new dentures, as the mouth is not used to having a dental appliance and therefore requires an adjustment period. It usually takes a new wearer anywhere between four and six weeks to get used to the changes in their mouths.

Yes, your facial appearance will change. Tooth loss causes your cheeks and lips to droop, causing a change in your look. Customized dentures support sagging facial muscles and correct their height. As a result, they will restore proportion to your face. You smile may even improve, giving you the confidence you once had before. 

The cost varies depending on the type, dentist’s rates, and insurance. It will also be determined by the procedures performed before placing them. For example, you may need teeth extraction or periodontal therapy. Prices for dentures can cost between $300- $4,000.

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