Crowns are full coverage restorations used to cover a tooth that is either likely to break or too broken down to be restored with a filling. They are most commonly placed after a root canal treatment or when a large filling has worn out.

Even after a filling has been placed in a large cavity, a tooth is still likely to break. A broken, chipped or cracked tooth is a serious matter and much more difficult to treat. A crown will prevent this, while also improving your smile. Crowns are a great option to prevent further damage to a weakened tooth as well.

Do Crowns Work?

A crown is an artificial tooth, or an artificial tooth “cap” which replaces a missing tooth in the mouth. It fills the gap where the missing tooth was so that your smile looks natural, and you can eat and speak normally. Dental crowns are a complicated dental procedure which in some cases requires multiple appointments. You should only trust an experienced dentist with such a complicated procedure.

The Benefits

At our office, Dr. Toups can fit crowns made of either metal or porcelain to cover teeth that are discolored, malformed, or broken. Most people choose porcelain crowns because they closely match the color of their other teeth and look natural.

Dental crowns can make stained or discolored teeth appear whiter and more attractive and have been used for many years to help people restore their smiles. 

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